Financing of wire EDM eroding machines

Our purchasing price is also the price of financing

Financing by free of interest deffered payment!
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TECHMA example of financing exclusive for our partners. No additional costs and full service.

Purchasing price = Price of Financing

All machines are overhauled by TECHMA with garantee.

Example of financing for buying a used, overhauled eroding machine:

Eroding Machine, Type 1 - Purchase price 39,000 EUR = Financing Price
Down Payment 9,000 EUR + 20 monthly rates a 1,500 EUR

Eroding Machine, Type 2 - Purchase price 65,000 EUR = Financing Price
Down Payment 17,000 EUR + 24 monthly rates a 2,000 EUR

Eroding Machine, Type 3 - Purchase price 28,000 EUR = Financing Price
Down Payment 4,000 EUR + 24 monthly rates a 1,000 EUR

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AGIE Excellence 3

soon available:
AGIE Excellence 3
Year 2001

GF AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 HP

Now available:
Year 2012
High-precision die sinker EDM
Completely automated by 3R Systems

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V3

GF AgieCharmilles Progress V3

Now available:
GF AC Progress V3
Year 2007
Completely refurbished

GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000

Now available:
GF AC CUT 3000
Year 2012