2nd hand spare parts for AGIE and Charmilles wire and spark EDM

We have a large stock of several cleaned and tested 2nd hand spare parts for AGIE and Chamilles wire and spark edm. Send us your inquiry and we will help you out!

Checked printed circuit boards for AGIE wire and spark edm

Diverse Platinen der Marke AGIE

We have various boards for AGIE wire and spark EDM.
All boards have been tested and are sold with warranty.

In stock are complete computers, generator boards, HPS, PSC, PEC, IMC and several others on request.


Please contact our specialists and we will assist you in choosing the right spare part for your machine!

Direct contact: +49 7022 94335-13, info(at)

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+ New arrivals + 

GF CUT 200 ms

Soon available
GF AgieCharmilles CUT 200 ms
Year 2015
Only 6,000 edm hours

GF Progress V2

Now available:
GF AgieCharmilles Progress V2
Year 2007
equipped with 3D-Setup

Drahterodiermaschien GF AgieCharmilles Vertex 2F

AgieCharmilles Vertex 2F

Now available:
AgieCharmilles Vertex 2F
Year 2010
Ready for delivery!

Neu im Bestand, Charmilles Drahterodiermaschine Robofil 2050 TWO

Charmilles Robofil 2050 TWO

Now available:
Charmilles Robofil 2050 TWO
Year 2008