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EDM machines for rent!

Do you need an Agie Charmilles EDM machine only for a limited time? TECHMA offers the possibility of renting a machine.

EDM machines for rent. How it works:

You make a depostit of 3,000.00 EURO + VAT for commissioning and initial operating instructions.

The monthly rent is 2,900.00 + VAT. with a minimum rental period of 12 months.

After expiration of the lease, the EDM machine is picked up by TECHMA, or you buy the machine for a pre-agreed price, minus the rental payments made by you. 

Call us now for any questions regarding the rental. Our experts will advise you in detail.

Call now: +49-7022-94335-0

TECHMA - the specialist for used and completely overhauled wire cut and sink edm machines in Germany.

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