TECHMA Services

Over and above selling and repairing machines we can offer numerous services around eroding.

Should you move your machine, we handle the dismount, transport, mount and the re-start locally.

Willingly we can measure your machine by laser. A detailed measuring journal on paper and diskette documented the accuracy of your machine. The measuring is conducted with a high-precision HP-lasersystem.

On request we can rebuild your machine just as you like. If it is for example a DA-extension or a remodelling on the machine, please direct your enquiry to us.Should you hire a new employee, who not exactly know the handling of AGIE machines, we will be glad to give instroductions in handling and programming locally.

In addition if you have questions and problems in the range of eroding just make a phone call, we are at your's command.

+++ Techma news +++

+ New arrivals + 

AGIE Excellence 3

soon available:
AGIE Excellence 3
Year 2001

GF AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 HP

Now available:
Year 2012
High-precision die sinker EDM
Completely automated by 3R Systems

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V3

GF AgieCharmilles Progress V3

Now available:
GF AC Progress V3
Year 2007
Completely refurbished

GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000

Now available:
GF AC CUT 3000
Year 2012