Refurbishing wire erosion machines at Techma:


Before the cleaning of the machine all covers are demounted.
The cleaning focuses on the work tank and the dielectricum tank as well as the filter housing.
A good cleaning is the source for a good refurbishment and a first visual check is made on all components.


Following the cleaning of the machine parts the upper and lower head are demounted and cleaned with ultra sonic.

Unterer Kopf einer Progress 2 zerlegt zur Überholung

After cleaning the upper and lower head (see picture) they are checked on damages. All wear parts get replaced and the heads are mounted again and get adjusted.

Ventilblock einer AGIE Progress 2 Drahterodiermaschine

Following the overhaul of other components as the wire chopper and pumps the hydraulic and pneumatic system is checked.
Leaking valves and worn out hoses get replaced.

AGIE Progress 2 nach Überholung

After mounting the wire guide and checking the wire transport system the spindles are checked on their tolerance.
At the end of every refurbishment there is a test cut at best surface and tolerance. As required we can also do special test cuts for our customers.

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AGIE Excellence 3

soon available:
AGIE Excellence 3
Year 2001

GF AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 HP

Now available:
Year 2012
High-precision die sinker EDM
Completely automated by 3R Systems

Drahterodiermaschine AGIE Progress V3

GF AgieCharmilles Progress V3

Now available:
GF AC Progress V3
Year 2007
Completely refurbished

GF AgieCharmilles CUT 3000

Now available:
GF AC CUT 3000
Year 2012